About Stacey J Nelson Ph.D.


Dr Nelson is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Motivational Trainer, and Consultant  in Florida and California, since 1995. She has been Adjunct Faculty and Guest Lecturer at more than 20 universities and community colleges, in Florida, California, and Hawaii. She has been on the Clinical Pastoral Faculty at St Mary's Hospital and Medical Center in San Francisco and Long Beach, and a Communications Consultant and Motivational Trainer for business corporations. 

 Dr Nelson has an extensive educational and professional background  in the performing arts;  Music, Theatre, Dance, and the Fine Arts, and has earned a Doctorate  Degree in Counseling and Music and Voice Therapy, and Two Masters Degrees one in Social Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage Child and Family Psychotherapy, and another Masters Degree in Music, and Music and Voice Therapy. Dr Stacey was a Vocal Coach and Instructor for more than 25 years, and is 

 the Creator of "The Sing and Speak With Ease Voice Training method" and  a Unicom Community Cable TV Series which also aired on The National College Television Channel, filmed on campus at San Francisco State University Ext.  Dr Stacey Nelson is also a

 published {BMI) Songwriter and Author, and has 

performed in concert, in recording studios, cabarets, 

and toured the USA, Canada and The Bahamas as a Musician, Vocalist, and Songwriter.

Dr Stacey has had an interest in Comparative Religion, and has been active in leading worship and Prayer and Healing services, and is the Founder of The Bay Area

Performing Arts Ministry, in Marin County California..  She has facilitated numerous Seminars and workshops helping  others Overcome Stagefright, Performance Anxiety, Procrastination. Improving Vocal Performance 

both for Speaking and Singing and Communication Skills. 

As a Consultant and Licensed Psychotherapist 

 in Florida and California, Dr Nelson's 

 theoretical counseling orientation is Solution Focused, Integrative, Faith Based,  applying Practical Judeo/Christian Principles, Brief Cognitive, 

and Psychoeducational. 

Dr Stacey encourages others to develop "Mindfulness" and is committed to helping others 

find their sense of purpose in life, and achieve "Peace of Mind". Dr Nelson has been known to teach and coach others how to focus on the "Positive Aspects of Life" 

and how to  add to the quality of other people's lives, 

personally and professionally, by emphasizing

 "Goodness", "Kindness", "Compassion, 

"Tolerance" "Acceptance, "Forgiveness" and most of all 

"How to be more Loving"

Dr. Nelson's education, and Professional experience 

  enables her to offer effective individualized, "Faith Based" psychological care, Motivational Training and Psychoeducational Marriage Counseling.

Dr Nelson provides a safe environment in order to 

create a neutral ground for individuals

 couples, families, and groups, to grow into and 

explore the challenges in their life, and increase their  

Hope and Faith in God


My focus as a "Faith Based" Psychotherapist is to apply practical Judeo/Christian Biblical Principles

 to help individuals heal, energize, and become more aware of their inner strengths, and the

 strengths in others. Dr Stacey has also had a strong interest in helping individuals heal from The"Grief and Bereavement" related to the loss of their pet, who was considered a member of their family. Dr Stacey also known as "Tweedlesmom" is the owner of www.tweedlepetproducts.com. named after her Labrador Retriever Miss Tweedle. 

 Together we create a neutral safe space, to explore

 your concerns, and help you identify your goals, set priorities,  develop "Mindfulness", and a heightened sense of Spirituality and "Peace of Mind"

 Together we co-create and customize a balanced  psychological Treatment Plan.